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Gurebo Gård lies in the middle of the southern nature, surrounded by peaceful woodlands, rivers and water. The elk thrives particularly well in this terrain, but you will also find roe deer, deer, golden eagles, ospreys, beavers,
fox and other small game.

The terrain invites you to hike on peaceful forest paths, along marked paths or in woods and fields with a map and compass. And depending on the season, you can pick berries and mushrooms. You can eat them right away, or freeze them and take them home as a winter supply.

The bathing opportunities are good, whether you prefer a sandy beach or rocky cliffs. It is also tempting to use rivers and water for rowing and canoeing. Rowing boats and canoes come with the cabins. If you prefer the sea for swimming, boating and fishing - then the coast is only 10 km from Gurebo Gård.

Do you want to fish? There are trout, perch, pike, whitefish and eel in the Urånavassdraget, and we carry out active cultivation work to increase this population. Boats for sea fishing can be rented in Grimstad.
For generations, Gurebo was the center of the village, with a mill, sawmill and iron foundry. You can still see remains of these activities, and in the area around the farm you will find disused dwellings, old boatyards, sawmills and other cultural monuments. A small power plant was rebuilt and has been in operation since '95.

Gurebo is centrally located in relation to many of Sørlandet's attractions. Grimstad is only 10 km away and offers many experiences: Museums and white southern country houses. Arendal, Risør and Lillesand are also popular destinations for day trips. And the little ones are naturally interested in the leisure park in Kristiansand, which is 53 km from Gurebo Gård.


Farm life

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